Light Therapy

For more information on the types of light therapy we offer to our patients select the appropriate link:

Concerning Insurance:

If you would like to call your insurance company to see if you treatment will be a covered benefit and whether a deductible or co-pay will apply you will need the following codes:

Procedure of CPT codes:    96912—PUVA              96910—UVB

Diagnosis or ICD-10 code:  ­­­______________________.

The insurance representative you speak with may not be familiar with this treatment so you may need to explain that this is an in-office treatment and will be in 2-3 times a week for several weeks or even months. There is no office visit charge associated with this service. You will not need to see the doctor for these appointments.

Concerning Payments:

Insurance companies will not pay for the PUVA/UVB glasses. The cost of the glasses is $18.00 and we will collect payment for them when you receive them at the beginning of your treatments. Please be aware that if you purchase a pair of glasses and then decide not to take the PUVA/UVB treatments you may only return them if they have not been opened. If you have a co-pay and/or deductible you may pay each time, once a week, or once every two weeks. We do ask that you clear your account once a month.

Concerning Appointments:

You may schedule PUVA/UVB appointments for up to one month in advance. Appointments will not be automatically scheduled for the following month. If you need more appointments either stop at the check-out counter or call (919)782-3782 ext. 30 to schedule. Also, call this extension for cancellations or to reschedule. For medical concerns or prescription refills please call the nurse’s line at ext. 24.

Please be as prompt as possible for your appointments. Appointments are scheduled every 15 to 30 minutes and this does not allow much leeway. We understand that delays happen and if you are late we will be glad to work you in as soon as possible or to reschedule, whichever you prefer. After 3 consecutive missed appointments without any notification we will cancel any remaining appointments you have.

When you come for the PUVA/UVB treatments you do not need to stop at the front desk. Come straight to the check-out counter where you will be sent back to the designated room when it is clear. Don’t forget to turn on the light when you are ready, this alerts the nurse that you are ready to receive your treatment. If you feel you have been waiting too long let us know by calling out. Also, occasionally movement will cause the machine to turn off. If this happens don’t hesitate to let us know. There is no need to stop at the counter when you leave unless you want to schedule more appointments or need to make a payment.

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